Saturday Night Live: Fiesta Night

Our Saturday Night Services for five weeks are having post-service events. We’re calling this series “Saturday Night Live.” For five weeks in a row, we are creating a casual, comfortable environment with food, music, kids’ activities, and program elements to help people develop relationships, enjoy hanging out, and have a great experience at church. Plus, […]


Saturday Night Live: Campfire BBQ

Our church has a series of five events after our Saturday Night services, called Saturday Night Live. These events are meant to attract people and help them have a good time while attending our Saturday night services. Each week, we have a different theme. Last week we did a fiesta theme. This past Saturday we […]


Mom’s Room

This year we have been working on improving our church campus because we moved into an existing building that looked very different than the Saddleback look and feel. One of the projects was a room for moms. Angela YeeAngela Yee is a church leadership systems consultant as well as a professional designer. She helps church […]