3D architectural renderings


During my degree studies in interior architecture, one helpful skill I have picked up the last year is learning Revit. What an amazing program! Before using Revit, I used Google Sketchup. Revit is the kind of program I have wanted to use all my life.
I learned how to draw house plans and model a house in 3D. Here’s how the final rendering looked.

It makes amazing interiors. Every piece of furniture, colors painting, floor finishes, lighting fixtures, were all hand placed into the house. There are even little things no one would think of, like finding a blank canvas from the model library, and then finding an artwork image that could be used as a painting, making a decal of it, and attaching it to the canvas.

It’s fun seeing the rooms under different lighting conditions… night…

… and day.
It all starts with a floor plan. We take a simple floor plan we find online, and then start with a blank canvas and draw in every detail, adding in all sorts of things like doors, sections, dimensions, walls, floors, light. etc. Sometimes I had to make stuff up — it’s part of the fun in designing the house.

I added in furniture and designed every room to be functional and attractive. In Revit, you can make cross-sections and see how your house looks.

After putting cameras in the room, I rendered the rooms and came up with the images above. There was lots of trial and error before I landed on the final product.
It’s been a skill that’s been really useful in designing our back yard and some projects at our church. I’ll try to post those when I get a chance.

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