A crazy trip leads to good things

So today I packed up a bunch of stuff and drove one and a half hours down to the Bay Area for a speaking engagement… only to discover once I got there that the speaking engagement is tomorrow.
So I know I am absent-minded but that’s a bit ridiculous. I’ve never been a whole day off on a speaking engagement before. I went back and checked the emails, and sure enough they all said Oct 25 but I read Oct 24 and put it down wrong on the calendar.
However, God does work all things for the good of those who love him, and I am actually thankful that it worked out this way!

  • I am at such a crazy pace so much that I do not have much extended time to pray and reflect. So I was able to do so… both directions!
  • As a result, was able to process through a lot of good stuff that I am excited about.
  • I also had the opportunity to spontaneously get together with a friend that I hadn’t seen in 2 years! We had an awesome time catching up and she encouraged me with things and I hopefully encouraged her too. In any case, it was a great way to reflect on how God has been working in each of our lives. Wish I had more time to catch up with all my friends!

One of the things I was thinking through as I was driving was blogging. I have been very erratic in blogging, due to a heavy workload. Unfortunately, this is a problem for me because I get mental constipation and have trouble sleeping.
Part of the reason I haven’t blogged is I think 1) I have nothing interesting to say 2) I have a hard time finding time 3) I have multiple blog sites and 4) the main site I love to blog on (Visual Church Leader) takes a lot of time because I have to create graphics every time.
However, on the long car ride today I determined that 1) I do have a lot of thoughts that need to be expressed, 2) I need to blog so I can process through stuff, and 3) maybe it will be helpful to someone in some way, so it doesn’t hurt to put it out there.
So what I have decided is that I will use this site to be the master site and if I blog anywhere else, I will link to it from here. Then I will feel like there is consistency in my attempts to be disciplined at blogging.
I will also use this site to reflect on a key idea or thought I am learning as opposed to what’s happening (though I might blog about that as well)
And because my other site takes so long, every once in a while I might just take a picture of my chicken scratchings and use those images instead of creating new nice ones that take a long time. At least the concepts will come through!
The goal is to blog every day but there will be days I won’t be able to. I’ll just give it my best shot though!

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