Angela Yee is a leader experienced with working with first-chair leaders to help them execute their visions. She is a leader, trainer, author, and sketchnotes strategist who enjoys helping people fulfill their purpose and dreams. She was a minister at Saddleback Church and is currently on the pastoral staff of a church plant.

Angela has been in the executive operations role for multiple organizations, overseeing and developing strategy, staff, volunteers, systems, operations and events. She has organized events of over 10,000 people and coaches pastors and church leaders. She partners with other experienced professionals to visualize, execute, and develop visions of leaders all across the country. She is also a professional designer, a skill that she leverages to help visualize goals for organizational members to recall and communicate more easily.

Angela has a bachelor's degree in graphic design and Master of Divinity, as well as formal classes in strategic leadership doctorate-level learning and masters-level interior design.

Recent and Current Projects

A sample of a variety of ways I'm helping others achieve their visions

Branding and website redesign
A business in Irvine, CA
Video promo trailer creation for potential TV show
A producer in Orange County, CA
Logo branding project
A community center in New Jersey
6-week online class on volunteer mobilization
A denominational organization in California
Workshop: "The Reinventing Leader"
Leadership Conference in Modesto, CA · April 2018


"Angela was great. What I really enjoyed was how she gave us information and then a process on how we could apply it to our ministry context."

ONLINE CLASS STUDENT   / Pastor and Leader

"When I first met Angela Yee, I really did not see a lot of potential in myself. Angela saw something in me; she saw potential, talent, and leadership that I didn’t know I had. She walked with me, encouraging me to increase my skills, to find the areas where I was strong in and helped me to develop in those areas. Through her belief in me and coaching, she has guided me to develop confidence, endurance, self-worth, skills and forward thinking."

WENDY VANDER HAEGHEN   | Communications Specialist

"Up until I met Angela I didn't really correlate hard working and creativity, but those words describe her accurately. She works tirelessly until a job is complete.… She is also so eminently reliable! If you ever needed to get something done… you asked Angela."

SHERRY O'NEAL-HANCOCK   / Computer Software & Social Media Instructor
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