Awkward yarn photos

I like to take pictures of my crocheted and knitted projects, but I must admit sometimes my photos are a bit awkward.

I finished an a scarf using the entrelec knitting technique, which is squares knit on a diagonal. (I got the free pattern from Knitting Daily.) The yarn was Plymouth Yarn Kudo.

Here is the completed project.

Here’s where the pictures get awkward. I take my pictures on the grand piano because
1) that’s where the best light is
2) that’s the emptiest spot in the house.
It works great for things like skeins of yarn (as in the first picture), but once I try to photograph any bigger, it becomes problematic. How to take a picture of a long scarf when there is a chandelier/torchiere lamp reflected? So I turn my camera at various angles, trying to catch the right one.
Then because it’s not terribly bright I set my aperture pretty open, which means the front and the back is blurry.


And then how do I photograph the very large blanket I made? I try draping it over the piano.

Err… awkward. Ok, let’s try shifting the blanket (because obviously it is a bit difficult to shift the piano).

In the end I recruit my husband and son to hold the blanket, but because there is not much room, I have to use a wide angle and my husband gets a bit distorted.

Ah well, at least you get the idea of what it looks like.
P.S. This blanket was made from the book
Crochet Your Way
. It’s a sampler blanket made out of cotton Bernat Handicrafter yarn. It was an awkward project. I ran out of the colored yarn and had a long pause while I ordered more. Then I ran out of the variegated yarn and had another long pause while I ordered more. Then when it came it in it turned out the variegated yarn was a different color than the original variegated yarn, so I had to rip out some borders to try to make the yarn match. (If you look closely at the detailed photos above you can see the different types of yarn.) It took forever to finish, but it’s finally done!

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