Baby bunny #2

In a previous post I mentioned how I crocheted a bunny but had two more to go. I am happy to report Baby Bunny #2 is done!

Awwww… wook at the cute widdle bunny!

Here’s a side view. Unfortunately the photo really flattens it out. It is much cuter in person.

Because I used a thinner yarn, this bunny turned out smaller. The yarn is called SMC Select Riana.

Here’s how Baby Bunny compares to his big brother. The big brother is the twin of the one we gave to Corrie. Megan adopted him and named him Sherlock.

Here’s Baby Bunny following Sherlock, providing a perfect opportunity to show the difference in size.

Baby Bunny was made while I watched Megan’s favorite Korean drama (I like to be in the know of what my kids like!), Queen In Hyun’s Man. It took 15 episodes to finish up the bunny. (Actually the first half of the episodes was spent making a total fail bunny that ended up lopsided. I finally gave up and started over.)  The total show is 16 episodes, which means I spent Episode #16 starting on Bunny #3.
Now that I have finished watching the K-dramas, it’s time to go back to my usual educational fare of sermons, leadership podcasts, and watching videos on how to edit videos. Oh yeah, and crocheting another bunny!

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  1. Carmen Lin November 19, 2012 Reply

    The 1st picture shows it to be the cutest.

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