Baby bunny #3

Announcing… the birth of #3! The third crocheted bunny, that is. This guy’s a dark grey color.

The grey yarn I used was very mottled so it’s a bit hard to make out his features, but there are eyes in that face somewhere.

Here are the three bunnies, in order of size.

The last bunny fits right in the middle.

Awww… so cute!

Now that I am done, I am glad I had the experience of crocheting little animals but I have decided I don’t enjoy crocheting animals very much. Too hard to keep track of where I am. The bunny on the right is the only one that turned out correctly. The other two I ended up stitching the eyes where the top of the head was supposed to be because somehow my stitches made the face all crooked. In the end I think they turned out ok though.
The best part was that my nephews loved them! They threw them up and down the stairs and ran around with them and had a very fun and silly time. That was the best reward for me!

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  1. Leslie December 5, 2012 Reply

    These are so darn cute!! Can I have a copy of the pattern? Our kids would love the little white one.

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