Beaded crochet edging

A while back I got the book The Beaded Edge, which has all sorts of pretty crochet edgings. I thought it would be good to try out this project on a very sad-looking tank top of mine.

I purchased the shirt knowing I would need to fix it. The reviews said how awful it was that it was sold as a raw chiffon edge, because as soon as you washed it, it would fray. It’s probably why it was on sale for so cheap! Sure enough, the unfinished edge of the shirt was looking quite sad after one washing.

The book has very nice crocheted patterns in there that incorporate beads along the edge. Ironically, the book doesn’t cover any of the patterns of the picture on the cover!

However, there are quite a number of very pretty edgings inside. First you have to get the right weight crochet thread, so I got a bunch on sale (online, again).

These looked like pretty big balls of thread. I tried to stick in my iPhone for scale.

Then I realized not everyone knows how big an iPhone is. So I picked up the littlest guys.

That kind of gives you an idea of how thin the thread I was working with was!
First you thread all the beads on the crochet yarn and then you crochet the pink beads. Then you crochet the white beads, attaching them to the first string of beads. (Not the best picture — taken with my phone.)

It was a bit of work for me to turn under the ugly chiffon edges before sewing on the edging. Now that it’s done I must say it doesn’t look anything like the book. The picture in the book looked quite uniform and beautiful. Sigh… first time, I guess. Can’t have too high expectations.

It wasn’t until later that I found there were tips on the last page of the book. Oops. I was supposed to crochet with a tight stitch and try to make them all the same width. Wasn’t paying attention… ah well, lesson learned for next time.
However, I doubt anyone is going to look all that closely at my shirt when I wear it.

From far away it looks like a nice edging! Yes, onlookers, please stay far away. If you get too close you might see all the mistakes.
I’ve got two other shirts to add beaded edging… it’s fun learning and trying out new techniques!

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  1. Carmen Lin August 11, 2012 Reply

    I’ve got a crochet book or two that has some crochet edging. Maybe you can use some of it.

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