Irvine, CA
Facility Tour: Harvest Christian Fellowship

Over a year ago, I visited Harvest Christian Fellowship in Irvine, CA. Since I am an interior designer, I love to look at church facilities and see the creativity. I snapped some shots that have been collecting dust on my computer until now when almost a year and a half later I am finally posting […]

What Do I Do With My Life?

4 Questions to Find Your Focus When it comes to finding a job that is a good fit, it can be a struggle knowing how to end up in where you want to be. One typical approach is like this. First you look at all the things you like to do and try to figure […]

Busting Burnout

Facing burnout? Two factors to adjust Burnout can vary from a feeling of tiredness and lack of engagement all the way to serious conditions that require a medical leave of absence. What do you do when you start feeling the symptoms? Here’s a simple diagram to remember.

Royal Kingdom Lobby and Throne

In my last post, I wrote about the set and stage design to create a castle for the Royal Kingdom summer camp theme. Today we turn our attention to the lobby. The UCC team did a great job transforming the lobby. This was the lobby. This is the entrance to the main hallway to the […]

Wedding stage design

Last month I had the honor of doing a wedding stage design for the first time! My usual work is in churches, and I had the joy of meeting a delightful Christian couple that was having a wedding at their church.

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