Gadgets and Gizmos stage design

Now that I am in the field of church consulting in helping church leaders “get it done,” my assistance takes many forms. One job I have been doing is for University Covenant Church in northern California, serving in the role of long-distance event project manager and stage/decor designer. Last week the event launched and I […]


Juggling mania

As a creative entrepreneur, I have discovered one of my joys is a wide variety of things to do — and learn! My day varies from event planning, stage design, wedding decor, church consulting, and now editing a trailer for a potential TV show! How to juggle everything?


Church stage before and after

Recently, someone asked me to post some before and after pictures of our church stage. I’ve put up pictures and links to the individual posts for details. Compare the before and after pictures — what a change! At my previous church, the color scheme was gold and maroon. This gave a very traditional feel to […]


Summer Camp Drama

Although I have been involved in the production of various dramas, sketches, musicals and other creative elements, it’s usually been in a coordinator or producer role. This summer I got the chance to be the drama director of our children’s summer camp play, Superhero Central.

3D architectural renderings

During my degree studies in interior architecture, one helpful skill I have picked up the last year is learning Revit. What an amazing program! Before using Revit, I used Google Sketchup. Revit is the kind of program I have wanted to use all my life. I learned how to draw house plans and model a […]

Disney Musical Spoof for Volunteers — International Theme

Last night was our church’s Volunteer Appreciation event — a no-holds-barred, all-stops-pulled, over-the-top event for the people we love — our volunteers!!! This year’s theme was “Ambassador for Christ,” an international journey of celebration through activities, video, and even a Disney musical! We had this event at Saddleback Irvine South for our campus’s volunteers, including […]

fires and smoke

Maui Pineapple Tour

When we came to Hawaii many many years ago, there used to be a Dole Pineapple tour. However, Dole has moved away and now there only one company in the U.S. that grows pineapples, called Maui Pineapples. We went on a tour and learned so much interesting info on pineapples!

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