Wedding stage design

Last month I had the honor of doing a wedding stage design for the first time! My usual work is in churches, and I had the joy of meeting a delightful Christian couple that was having a wedding at their church.

Four Circles experience

This week I had the joy of creating an interactive experience for 4500 high school students and leaders to teach them a gospel presentation model called the Four Circles. It was a combination of video, hands-on experiences, live teaching, discussion, and “surprise” art installation that was 16 feet tall and 64 feet long!

Gadgets and Gizmos stage design

Now that I am in the field of church consulting in helping church leaders “get it done,” my assistance takes many forms. One job I have been doing is for University Covenant Church in northern California, serving in the role of long-distance event project manager and stage/decor designer. Last week the event launched and I […]

Juggling mania

As a creative entrepreneur, I have discovered one of my joys is a wide variety of things to do — and learn! My day varies from event planning, stage design, wedding decor, church consulting, and now editing a trailer for a potential TV show! How to juggle everything?

battle title
Empowerment in Action: A Life and Death Battle

The most recent video I made, The Empowerment Escalator, talks about the importance of empowerment. I don’t know why I find reading books about military strategy so fascinating. Perhaps it is because poor leadership can literally be a life-and-death decision. Recently I read about a fascinating battle that was a true-to-life illustration of this principle. […]

empowerment title
The Empowerment Escalator

] Some of us have a tendency to want to call the shots (i.e. leaders!). So it can be kind of challenging sometimes knowing when we should empower our people to make decisions. And no one wants to be a Dictator or Dumper! Here’s a simple easy-to-remember tool to think through how you can empower […]

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