Saturday Night Live: Campfire BBQ


Our church has a series of five events after our Saturday Night services, called Saturday Night Live. These events are meant to attract people and help them have a good time while attending our Saturday night services. Each week, we have a different theme. Last week we did a fiesta theme. This past Saturday we had a campfire BBQ.

Our amazing design volunteer, Hannah Shin, created the graphics.
snl 02 campfire
We are so blessed with amazing people on our team. Caroline Cervantes was our event coordinator and she has been doing an amazing job pulling off these events. She is a professional wedding coordinator and really knows how to create an experience. A huge part is the decor, which adds such a wonderful element of warmth and delight!
Here’s a video to show what the event was like. (If the link below doesn’t work, go here to view.)

Since I was busy capturing video footage, I did not take as many pictures as I should have. So some of these are not the best because I took screen shots of the video in order to illustrate. My apologies!
The theme had a rustic feel.
Caroline used plaid and the color red to tie the decor together.
We had high boy tables in the lobby and these had plaid on them as well. The centerpiece was wood with a flower arrangement on top.
We had created a backdrop (also designed by Hannah) where every week a live band plays. This backdrop uses the overall graphic for all of the events, which we call Saturday Night Live.
In front of the stage, Caroline used the fake flame we had used for our Olympic torch. The torch is really silk, lit with orange lights and with a fan blowing up. She stacked logs around the fire to make it look real.
It was a big kid magnet. They were utterly fascinated by the “fire.” Next time I think we would put it on the stage — it was super tempting for kids to mess with it!

Credit: Saddleback PICS Team

Outside, our men’s ministry served a grilled meal of sausage, chili, and grilled corn. Yum!
Inside, a big hit for all involved was a s’mores station. The stereo burners were in a crate. Not only did it look cool, but no one burned themselves.
Here’s how the station looked in setup mode.
I love the little wood logs that serve as sign holders!
Here’s an example of how the chocolate was set up. I wish I had taken a picture of it before the event started so we could see the fully stocked table. It was very impressive!
We also had an activity zone for kids. They colored wooden fish and made surrender flags. I don’t really know what the surrender flags were because I didn’t see them, but it was obviously a hit because later I found out we ran out of supplies. The kids really enjoyed the activity!
The event was a win for people of all ages. Many thanks to all the people who worked so hard to make this possible! There were a lot of people involved.
Next week we are doing a luau. I can’t wait!

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