Sci-fi-ish digital painting

There has been little blogging lately and much work and production of creative things. Now that my class is over I can finally have a breather! (More on the class later.) Just these past few weeks I have had the opportunity to work on a stage design, do a photo shoot for a series of […]

Tree drawing

Tis’ been a season of drawing for me! Besides spending all summer making drafting drawings for my school class, I have wanted to further develop my drawing skills.  However, it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally finished all my school (finished my seminary class) and so I have four days before I go back to […]

High tea drawings

Due to scheduling conflicts, travel and such, Corrie and I were finally were able to celebrate Mother’s Day/birthday for my mom today! Daniel came along too (he likes sampling all the foods) and it was the first tea that I brought my sketchbook and drew the food!