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    Journey in pastels

    It has been a good 40 years since I have seriously done art… not since my college days! In fact, I have quite gone the other direction in mostly having jobs that required a lot of administration and organization.

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  • Art

    Sci-fi-ish digital painting

    There has been little blogging lately and much work and production of creative things. Now that my class is over…

  • Art

    Tree drawing

    Tis’ been a season of drawing for me! Besides spending all summer making drafting drawings for my school class, I…

  • Art

    Painting a tree in Photoshop

    Today was a quiet Thanksgiving for us because tomorrow is going to be our family celebration. So, I spent most…

  • Art

    Drawing of food from tea

    I had meant to draw the food the day that Corrie and I went to Linde Lane for tea, but…

  • Art, Food

    High tea drawings

    Due to scheduling conflicts, travel and such, Corrie and I were finally were able to celebrate Mother’s Day/birthday for my…

  • Art

    Angela’s artwork

    In my efforts to improve drawing, I have continued to try different things. I checked out a library book on…

  • Art

    Megan’s manga

    Megan has definitely taken after me in her enjoyment of drawing! Her drawing style is quite different than mine, but…

  • Art

    Art and architecture

    This past week our family went to Irvine for a few days. I had the opportunity to do a lot…