Royal Kingdom Set Design

A castle in Davis, CA? You bet! And an oversize 3D throne too! A project I got to work on the last few months involved converting a church into a full-size castle. Angela YeeAngela Yee is Executive Director of Ministry Development of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Her experience as a church leadership systems consultant, a […]


Four Circles experience

This week I had the joy of creating an interactive experience for 4500 high school students and leaders to teach them a gospel presentation model called the Four Circles. It was a combination of video, hands-on experiences, live teaching, discussion, and “surprise” art installation that was 16 feet tall and 64 feet long! Angela YeeAngela […]


Saturday Night Live: Fiesta Night

Our Saturday Night Services for five weeks are having post-service events. We’re calling this series “Saturday Night Live.” For five weeks in a row, we are creating a casual, comfortable environment with food, music, kids’ activities, and program elements to help people develop relationships, enjoy hanging out, and have a great experience at church. Plus, […]