Disney Musical Spoof for Volunteers — International Theme

Last night was our church’s Volunteer Appreciation event — a no-holds-barred, all-stops-pulled, over-the-top event for the people we love — our volunteers!!! This year’s theme was “Ambassador for Christ,” an international journey of celebration through activities, video, and even a Disney musical! We had this event at Saddleback Irvine South for our campus’s volunteers, including […]

Easter Festivities

One of the areas that I have coordinated this past year is all-church special events. This past Easter, we created an event where families could have an enjoyable experience, hear the Easter message, and hang out afterwards. It was an invitational event so that people could invite their friends and neighbors. Here are some of […]

Creating a Spectacular Event Experience: Lessons From California Adventure

When most people go to California Adventure, they are thinking about the fun or attractions. While I was thinking about those items as well, as a designer I was thinking about multiple aspects of the experience. I am a visual designer (graphic design, interior design) and an experience designer (event planning, guest experience). Because of […]