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Empowerment in Action: A Life and Death Battle

The most recent video I made, The Empowerment Escalator, talks about the importance of empowerment. I don’t know why I find reading books about military strategy so fascinating. Perhaps it is because poor leadership can literally be a life-and-death decision. Recently I read about a fascinating battle that was a true-to-life illustration of this principle. […]

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Happy Thriving Followers

Here are some thoughts about how to help the team you lead succeed. We look at some factors that lead to team member satisfaction. There’s a helpful tool that you can use as a team exercise too! Please “like” if you find it helpful! #2 – Leadership Strategy Sketchnotes: Happy Thriving Followers SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave Angela […]

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My new YouTube channel has launched! This video discusses different environments for mentoring. Check it out and let me know what you think! #1 – Leadership Strategy Sketchnotes: Mentoring Angela YeeAngela Yee is Chief Ministry Officer of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Her experience as a church leadership systems consultant, a professional designer and an author enables […]