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    Maui Pineapple Tour

    When we came to Hawaii many many years ago, there used to be a Dole Pineapple tour. However, Dole has moved away and now there only one company in the U.S. that grows pineapples, called Maui Pineapples. We went on a tour and learned so much interesting info on pineapples!

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    First cooking dice meal

    Tonight I finally got to use the cooking dice and make our first meal using the helpful tool for an…

  • Food

    Egg tarts

    Aug 23 — During August, I had a staycation. Unfortunately it was not terribly restful. The first week I was…

  • Family Life, Food

    Sea by Alexander

    I am finally catching up after months of being behind! Now I am back on August 11th (over two months…

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    Odd food

    Last month, while food shopping, we came upon some unusual food.

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    @masterchef at work

    It’s a bit funny that Daniel’s handle on Twitter is @masterchef. He made up that identity for himself years ago,…

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    For tomato lovers

    Daniel has done a great job cooking this summer. He’s learned a lot about cooking. This week he had to…

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    High tea drawings

    Due to scheduling conflicts, travel and such, Corrie and I were finally were able to celebrate Mother’s Day/birthday for my…