Egg tarts

Aug 23 — During August, I had a staycation. Unfortunately it was not terribly restful. The first week I was stressed trying to decompress from work and then finishing up homework. The rest of the vacation I had a hard time relaxing. However, I did get to do some nice things, like crafty stuff and […]

Sea by Alexander

I am finally catching up after months of being behind! Now I am back on August 11th (over two months ago!) This summer we had a chance to have many celebrations. One of these was our (almost) annual August celebration with Albert’s parents, where we celebrate three birthdays and two anniversaries. (Dad and Mom, Albert […]

@masterchef at work

It’s a bit funny that Daniel’s handle on Twitter is @masterchef. He made up that identity for himself years ago, and it seems to have been prophetic. Since Daniel was not able to find a job this summer, he’s the designated cook, and we sure have enjoyed the fruits of his labor!

High tea drawings

Due to scheduling conflicts, travel and such, Corrie and I were finally were able to celebrate Mother’s Day/birthday for my mom today! Daniel came along too (he likes sampling all the foods) and it was the first tea that I brought my sketchbook and drew the food!