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  • Art, Food

    High tea drawings

    Due to scheduling conflicts, travel and such, Corrie and I were finally were able to celebrate Mother’s Day/birthday for my…

  • Food

    Cooking brothers

    Daniels “brother” Timmy came over this week. We discovered that Timmy makes an excellent sous chef to Daniel.

  • Food

    Girls’ day out

    Today the women in our small group went out for tea! (One was missing, as she was out of town.)…

  • Family Life, Food

    Tea with two

    Yesterday my mom and my son went with me to have a holiday tea in Roseville. It’s a bummer Corrie…

  • Food

    Megan’s Japanese project

    Megan loves Japanese and for her Japanese class, she had to do a project. She decided to cook some Japanese…

  • Food

    19th anniversary dinner

    Today is Albert and my 19th anniversary!  The years have flown by so quickly… can’t believe it’s 19 years already!

  • Food

    Round food

    I was trying to think of a good title that would categorize the pictures I have below. I could have…

  • Food

    Sisters’ birthday tea

    Yesterday Corrie and I continued our annual tradition of us taking each other out to tea, just the two of…

  • Food

    Unemployed hubby

    Yesterday was Albert’s last day of work at Thoratec. He is now officially unemployed! Actually, he’s just on break until…