Creating a Thriving Service-Oriented Culture

Last week, I spoke at the Evangelical Covenant Church Midwinter Conference about volunteer mobilization. Here’s the video in its entirety. I go through a model of how to engage people in ministry using the Serving Readiness Spectrum. Angela YeeAngela Yee is a church leadership systems consultant as well as a professional designer. She helps church […]

happy thriving title

Happy Thriving Followers

Here are some thoughts about how to help the team you lead succeed. We look at some factors that lead to team member satisfaction. There’s a helpful tool that you can use as a team exercise too! Please “like” if you find it helpful! #2 – Leadership Strategy Sketchnotes: Happy Thriving Followers SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave Angela […]


Not your usual sermon notes

With my latest drawing kick, one of the things I decided to do to help me stay focused while listening to sermons is doing graphic note-taking. This has been a fun and creative way to listen to sermons and jot down things I want to remember too. Angela YeeAngela Yee is a church leadership systems […]