Church stage before and after


Recently, someone asked me to post some before and after pictures of our church stage. I’ve put up pictures and links to the individual posts for details. Compare the before and after pictures — what a change!

At my previous church, the color scheme was gold and maroon. This gave a very traditional feel to our church.

In addition, there was red carpet. This gave everyone a reddish cast because of the reflection.

The lighting was basic warm white lighting.

This was the last year of the gold curtains, at our Easter service. We had a creative element with post-it notes and made large versions. It was creative but it clashed because of all the colors.

Our worship director worked really hard to cast the vision to change out our curtains to black curtains. It felt like a big move since our church had never done this and it was hard to imagine what black curtains would look like.

I was very excited to be part of the process, especially when it came to creating the designs. The curtains became a neutral background and canvas upon which we could put eye-catching and beautiful designs. (I forgot I wrote this post that described our first experience without the gold curtains!)

Just one year later, our Easter stage looked like this. Same idea of colors, but no more competition with the backdrop!

The black curtains allowed us to layer items and light them. This was a series about having a heart for the poor, and the stage represented impoverished homes that many people around the world live in. (We borrowed the design from WillowCreek Community Church.)

After that we started creating original stage designs. This was a really easy one with stretchy fabric. It was also the first time I started seriously integrating colored stage lighting into the designs.

Christmas was fun, though this stage design was not! It was lots of cotton balls and snowflakes hand-glued on fishing string. You can read more about it here.

We made this waterfall out of paper and cloth. It was for a series that had a hiking motif paralleling our spiritual journey.

Now many years later, I am so thrilled I get to be in a place that has a black backdrop, moving lights, and our latest one with LED strips. I will write a post later about this latest design, the first one I did using a program named Revit. It’s so much fun to get to create for the glory of God!

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I’m rebooting my freelance design business… if you are looking for a stage designer, please contact me!

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