Crocheted draft snake

And now for something totally utilitarian… a draft snake that blocks the light from under our door!
Not all my crocheted projects are about being pretty or cute.

We have a big gap at the bottom of our bedroom door — so much so that the bright light wakes me up in the morning! I crocheted a draft snake to block the light.
I used some yarn someone gave me.

How funny, I just found a pattern for a draft snake online! This pattern is not the one I used, but it sure looks like the same thing!
I started crocheting a circle and then just kept to the same number of stitches so that the tube got longer and longer. When it was long enough, I decreased the stitches so that it looked like a snake.

It’s pretty boring but very functional. Next time I make one I think I need to make it a little thicker. If I don’t prop it all entirely against the gap, light does leak in.
And that is what is the exciting stuff going on in the Yee household these days.

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  1. Carmen Lin August 11, 2012 Reply

    So your crocheted draft snake is hollow inside? You could have stuffed something inside, such as small pieces of foam or cloth, although you do not necessarily have to make it solid. I think some stuffing will help block out some more light as well.

    • Angela Yee August 12, 2012 Reply

      It’s actually stuffed. Only the outside is crocheted.

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