Easter Water Stage Design

During Easter, our pastor decided that he wanted to tell the Easter story from the point of view of Peter. He even dressed up and spoke first-person, as if he were a modern-day fisherman. The set needed to support the story, so we went with an abstract ocean set, using waves of fabric.

As with all my stage designs, I began with creating a quick drawing in Illustrator. This allows me to figure out proportions as well as estimate fabric. It also saves time on the install because I have dimensions in terms of where to hang the fabric.
easter swwops3
We ordered three colors of voile fabric: white, aqua, and blue. Each piece was laid across the stage and tied onto our booms using black cord. I used the dimensions from the plan to figure out how far apart to tie the fabric, as well as how low each point hand to hang.
Instead of bunching up the fabric and tying it all on the rope, we went for a swagger look. This meant that the pleats needed to be staggered to create a cascading appearance.
We used griff clips to create the looking — here’s how the back looked hanging from the cord.
As usual, Peter and Glen did all the heavy lifting. They were super patient, because we had to redo it over and over. When they pulled it up, I could see parts where the draping did not work. Then they had to lower everything all over again. Lots of strong muscles required.
They pulled the fabric up so it just cleared to the floor in order for me to check for errors.
After a while it looked like we were growing little humps on our stage floor.
The big reveal came… time to pull up the fabric!
14-0414easterstage4 14-0414easterstage7 14-0414easterstage8 14-0414easterstage9
Finally done!
Then it was time to put on the lights. What a dramatic look!
14-0414easterstage13 14-0414easterstage1414-0414easterstage17
The translucent nature of the fabric allowed different colors to shine through. Here’s the back view.
Our Easter celebration!

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  1. Carmen Lin December 24, 2014 Reply

    I think this design is fitting and beautiful as well.

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