Facility Tour: Harvest Christian Fellowship

Irvine, CA
Irvine, CA

Over a year ago, I visited Harvest Christian Fellowship in Irvine, CA. Since I am an interior designer, I love to look at church facilities and see the creativity. I snapped some shots that have been collecting dust on my computer until now when almost a year and a half later I am finally posting theme!

So, first a disclaimer. This is how the church looked when we visited it. It appeared to be under construction, so it probably looks different now. On there other hand, the look they went for was kind of a construction look anyway, so who knows if part of it was permanent?

Here’s an overview of what I saw. I’m going by memory so things may not quite be in order.

This is the main entrance. They did a really nice job with neutral colors and pops of color. The graphic black wall with the red arrows is quite striking.

Here’s a closeup of the arrows. I can’t remember what the circles low down were. Lights?

This was the rest of the wall. The rippling movement brings life and energy.

The lobby had a very striking display of blank surfboards, very appropriate since the church is within 30 minutes of the ocean. Notice the red stairs leading the eye towards the next level.

I think there’s actually a room inside those surfboards but I can’t remember because I didn’t take a picture of it.

There is hanging rope and shapes, adding to the nautical feel.

A shop is clearly marked with signage.

Here’s a look inside. I am not sure if the exposed ceiling is meant to be that way or was under construction.

There is also a cafe. The wall is decorated with fun shapes, including the Harvest logo (on the right side, looking like a butterfly).

You can see the wall on the right, with the ordering counter at the left. They used slanted subway tile to face the counter.

There’s a little seating area. I’m not sure why they put it next to the bathroom!

Their signage was clear and clean. They put signage directly on the wall, including a map. I love it when churches show a map. Many of them are mazes to newcomers and a map makes all the difference!

Directional signage on a post points the way.

This is a great example of using cute icons as signage.

They use a light green color in some areas. I think it may be related to the kids’ areas since I saw this color in a couple places. This directional signage is on a big rounded wall.

More signage that is put directly on the wall.

There is a welcome center for newcomers.

The doors to the worship center don’t look terribly friendly when closed but when open, the signs are not noticeable.

Here’s the worship center with walk-in lighting.

The back wall is video, very effective for worship sets.

It also makes a nice backdrop for announcements.

These photos show how the mood of the room changes just by altering the video and lighting.

At the end of the service, this slide comes up so people know there is prayer available up front.

Beautiful and creative!

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