Hawaii lizard and plants


One of the cool things in Hawaii is looking at the amazing nature here. The plants are so green and full of various colors. As we drive around, I love looking at all the flowers. Spring is truly beautiful here.


Yesterday we also saw some lizards. Albert noticed one sitting on a rock. I tried to zoom in to get a picture of it.


Every once in a while, it would stretch a red thing under its throat. It was really weird-looking. The red part would puff out, then deflate and disappear.


I did some research and learned this is called a brown anole lizard. The red part is called a dewlap. The male puffs it out to show this is its territory and to warn other males away. I suppose he really was king of his (little) hill. No other lizards went by him, though here were lots of lizards on all the other little rocks.

Here’s the full photo to show how small he really is. But he acts as if he is big stuff. Makes me wonder how much we are like the lizard, over-inflating our own importance!


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