What's a visual church leader?

Welcome to The Visual Church Leader!
In my years of ministry, I have discovered that ideas, concepts and strategies seem to be better understood when there is some kind of illustration to go with it. Sometimes it is a chart or graph. Sometimes it is a simple drawing. Sometimes it’s a photo. But many people seem to process things better when there is something visual to go along with it. Church leaders of all kind can benefit from a visual representation of the issues.
I tend to think in pictures, so this blog is an exploration into different ideas or principles using photos or illustrations. The ultimate goal is for Kingdom advancement… and I hope to post about different churches I visit and the great things they are doing there too!
Ironically, this first post has no illustrations! 🙂

Angela Yee is a church leadership systems consultant as well as a professional designer. She helps church leaders “get it done” by assisting with vision implementation.

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