Inspire Bible: Beautiful Coloring Journaling Bible for Creative People


I love creative approaches to reading the Bible and connecting with God, and recently learned about the Inspire Bible. It is a Bible created for those who enjoy drawing/journaling in their Bibles. One feature that makes this Bible different is you can color in it too! Adult coloring books are all the rage now and now you can color in your own Bible!
Seeing as I love to do Bible sketchnotes and fun ways of communicating Scripture, I got this Bible to add a fresh approach to my quiet times with God.

The Bible only comes in KJV and NLT. I got NLT because I have other versions and I wanted a Bible that was more for devotional reading than deep Bible study.
The Bible is hardbound leather (there is a paperback version too). It doesn’t look like leather because it is kind of a Tiffany blue. But it is leather because when I pulled it out of the slipcase it had that wonderful leather smell that I so love when I get a new Bible! There is also a matching ribbon. My favorite color!
The sides of the book are also printed! Very girly. It’s pretty obvious what the target market is for this Bible!
I totally love it! What can I say, I absolutely fit their target market.
The endpapers have lovely illustrations…
…as does the title page.
Not all the pages have illustrations, but some pages have two!
They take key verses from the book and illustrate them. The words are outlined so you can color them.
Sometimes when the break between books spans two pages, there is a nice illustration in the empty space.
There are also  illustrations at the end of some books.
The illustrations are in different styles. Some are fancy floral, some are more blocky and some are drawn pictures.
I only found maybe one page like this. Maybe there are more. It fills the entire page.
Beautiful! It makes studying the Bible fun! Click here to see it on  Amazon.

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