Leadership, calligraphy and stick figures


At the end of October, I left being on staff at Saddleback Church.
How life changes. Now I am doing something very unexpected… using calligraphy and stick figures to make leadership videos!

It’s a long story why I would leave a stable job at an amazing church for something unknown, but ultimately comes down to God’s leading. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had and the awesome people that I have met and worked with.
But now begins a new season of my life in walking in obedience following God’s direction. It’s scary but God is always faithful. He’s made it clear one of my callings is to train and equip people, and I am excited about a new endeavor!
One of my greatest joys is content creation, marrying the blend of visual communication and practical principles into principles that people can learn and integrate into their lives.
So I’ve started Strategy Sketchnotes, not your typical leadership training video. I use calligraphy, stick figures, and some humor to illustrate some practical leadership skills that leaders of any walk of life can integrate. Hopefully they are illustrations people can relate to, like the one below… the life of any busy leader!

It’s really fun to think of interesting ways to present topics like leadership styles, delegation, and empowerment. I like to use visual metaphors because people can more easily remember what they learned. I’ve also learned random things like the fact that Crayola kiddie markers make great calligraphy pens. I’m still relatively new at brush calligraphy, so it’s a work in progress, but I’m not aiming for perfection…or these videos would never get made.

Since my passion is equipping local church leaders, I will over time also develop specific trainings for the church context. In fact, I’m scheduled to teach a 6-week online class in February for a small group of pastors and leaders on volunteer mobilization, and it will eventually be a full-accessible online class for any leader wanting to learn how to get people from sitting to serving. If you’re interested, subscribe so I can send you updates on what it’s available.
I’m also working on design training… a church stage design class. More on that later!
In the meantime, you can see all the videos here. They are short and fun, and I hope you enjoy them!

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