Mom’s Room


This year we have been working on improving our church campus because we moved into an existing building that looked very different than the Saddleback look and feel. One of the projects was a room for moms.

Each campus has its own individual flavor, and our goal has been to fit within the overall church branding while still being faithful to the features of our facility.
For example, some of our venues have met in concert halls. Their look would be very different than ours, which is a retrofitted warehouse. We moved into the facility of a former church that had a very different flavor than our campus and also had a different target audience.
Ours is big on reaching young families, so one of the rooms we worked on was the nursing mom’s room. The original wall was a dark pea green. The decor was simple and nice but we wanted to repaint it to fit in better with the other rooms in the hallway and give a calm, soothing environment.
The other wall originally was a light grey.
We wanted to create a soothing environment but keep the existing decor elements (i.e. no spending money on furniture of accessories). A calm greenish-blue was chosen. The decor elements in the room have hints of that color.
The room is fairly small, so painting the room one color (instead of splitting colors) helps it feel a little larger. Just painting a room a different color can change the feel when one sits in it.
The rug does not totally fit in but that can be fixed with adding red accessories.
The room is a calming room where moms can care for their babies in privacy and peace. The color helps communicate the purpose of the room.

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