New addition to the family (kind of)

I wanted to crochet my new nephew a blanket but Corrie said that they had a lot of blankets. So she asked if I could crochet a lop-eared bunny instead. They have a lop-eared bunny and she wanted to make a Christmas ornament for their tree (annual tradition).
So…I did!

However, I have to make a confession. This was not my first attempt.
It was my second. This bunny actually has a twin.

The first bunny was extremely frustrating. I had never crocheted a stuffed animal before (called amigurumi) and it was extremely frustrating because I think I had to redo almost every round twice! I was following a baby bunny crochet pattern and I didn’t know the importance of counting stitches and kept losing my place. It seemed like the rounds I crocheted never ended at the top of the bunny as I thought they were supposed to. In fact, as I was working on it, it was so frustrating that I called it a “decapitated voodoo bunny head.”

I even had to draw a little diagram so I could understand how the stitches worked. Once I did, it all made sense and I realized that it doesn’t really matter where the top of the bunny is — you just mark it with a marker and make sure you count the stitches for future rounds, and it all works out.

But by the time I figured this out, the bunny was lopsided. So I just sewed the eyes on what was really supposed to be the top and bottom of the bunny and it all worked out fine.
The first bunny is on the left. The second bunny you can tell is better shaped — it actually has a neck-like indentation.

The second time around, the top of the pin actually marked the top of the head! It worked!

Sewing on all the appendages was a little tricky at first but I finally got the hang of it. The second bunny even got a pink nose.

In the end I don’t think there was a huge noticeable difference between the two.
What I didn’t expect though, was that Megan instantly fell in love with the first bunny and adopted him as her own.

She named him Sherlock, after the movies and TV shows on Sherlock Holmes that our family really enjoys. She takes him everywhere and is extremely protective of him. (There was tons of screeching coming from the kitchen when the kids were washing dishes and her brother accidentally flicked Sherlock across the room.) Megan loves her new stuffed bunny.
But who can blame her, with a face like this?

Corrie also liked the bunny (the second, better one) when I gave it to her. But then I discovered she wanted three bunnies, not one! One for each kid!
Oops. My bad.
At least now the other two will be easier to make! But now I have to get more yarn…
And now for a commercial break as I go back to crocheting my new 3D stuffed project — a draft snake. More on that later.

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  1. Carmen Lin August 4, 2012 Reply

    Your crocheted bunnies are cuter than real ones. I don’t blame Megan for falling in love with it.
    Three cheers for you! One for the one already made and given to Corrie, and the other two are down payments for the 2 others to be made.

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