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With my latest drawing kick, one of the things I decided to do to help me stay focused while listening to sermons is doing graphic note-taking. This has been a fun and creative way to listen to sermons and jot down things I want to remember too.

I was inspired by artists who go to corporate meetings and draw notes while the meeting is going on. Part of the reason they do this is to engage those who have a visual mode of learning.

I thought, well, why not do that for sermons?

So last Sunday, while Matt was preaching, I began taking notes.


Since I don’t know in advance what the sermon is about or where it’s going, it’s always kind of an adventure not knowing how the layout is going to turn out!

Today, since I am on vacation, our family went to visit The Father’s House in Vacaville. Dave Patterson preached an amazing sermon on the power of the tongue. Super convicting and engaging. I am still pondering the things I heard. The notes ended up a bit on the busy side but I was pretty amazed it all fit perfectly on one page! It was also funny that when he started talking about a ship, I drew a cruise ship, and then after I started drawing it, he said, “a cruise ship.”

I realized too that these drawings are a good way to capture the sermon illustrations. He told a story of playing the clarinet so I drew a (very short) clarinet.

So far both these notes have started with the sermon in the middle and the notes starting in the upper left hand corner. I’ll have to play around with different ways of laying out things and perhaps do different types of drawings too. We shall see. There’s not a whole lot of time to explore while trying to take notes live. But it sure helps me stay focused on the message and listen to God in the process!

I just wonder why everything started slanting to the left…


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  1. Kevin February 11, 2015 Reply

    Hi Angela, I’m the webmaster for The Father’s House and just stumbled upon this post of yours. Those are great notes! If you ever wanted to add to them, you can actually re-watch the sermon here:
    Also, if you ever happen by TFH in the future, drop me a line and be sure to say hi!

    • Angela Yee March 9, 2015 Reply

      Hi Kevin, Thanks for the link! You guys do such a great job with your website and graphics. Thx for leaving a note and if we are there in the future I will look for you!

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