Office makeover

A few weekends ago, my office had a total makeover. Our friend Glen used to be a professional painter and I learned all sorts of very interesting things about painting! Always great to work with a pro… I love seeing how skilled people work… learn so much from them! And it was  kind of a group effort things as various people helped out in various ways. I was very grateful!
This is how my office looked originally. Being a designer, I have always wanted to have a more creative environment. As you can see, this was not it. It was very “officey.” Unfortunately I forgot to take an authentic “before” picture — by this time all the decorations had been removed.
Here’s the other side of the office.
And here’s my humongous desk… which was always way too big for me!
Glen and Keith helped move my big desk into Keith’s office because his old one was falling apart.
Keith is very very happy with his new larger and improved desk!
Glen moved the shelves to the middle of the room and then used a crowbar to pry off the rubber baseboards.
While Albert used a roller, Glen cut in the paint above. He showed us the correct way to load up a roller. When painting walls, you’re supposed to load up the roller so it’s soaked with paint but not dripping. People try to spread the paint but rolling slowly helps the paint to just be laid onto the surface.
We painted down to where the baseboards were. Notice how they lay against the wall and could catch falling paint. This photo looks really blue, but it’s actually more muted.
Another wall was painted yellow. This looks like bright yellow but in the sunlight it looks like light cream. Notice how we used old flipchart papers from previous meetings to be dropcloths! Recycling at its best! 🙂
And here’s the finished room! The blue color below is a bit more accurate…
Then it was time to glue the baseboards back on.
Gracie helped glue almost all the baseboards! The glue was kind of stinky. The paint didn’t smell at all but my office still smells like glue!!!
I got a new desk really cheap off of Craig’s List, got a set of lamps really cheap at Lowe’s, Glen put the shelves back up, Albert got nice florescent bulbs that don’t look harsh… and ta-da! New office!
Here’s the other side of the office.
Decorations-wise I have a couple more things to bring from home to balance out the arrangements but I am very grateful for the relaxing, creative environment. I totally love going to work now and feel a ton more creative and happy in the environment. I also really love it when people stop by and just hang out because they like my office!
Many thanks to Glen, Keith, Gracie and my wonderful hubby for their help and support!!!!

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  1. Glen Nielsen October 10, 2009 Reply

    You have impeccable taste and a true knack for color. I love the look and feel of your office … it is very soothing … almost garden-like, but very Pottery Barn … very impressive.

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