Photos and fencing

This past week was quite windy. Tuesday as I was driving to work, I noticed 3 huge tumbleweeds totally blocking the turn lane. Even though the wind was blowing really hard it was like they were stuck!

When I grew up in Illinois, tumbleweeds were things you only read about in books. It has been interesting seeing real live tumbleweeds in California. There also seem to be quite a number in Davis. I regularly see them rolling around in the wind.
Wednesday when I got into work, I was greeted but a big gift.
You can’t really tell from this photo, but this thing literally filled my entire office, all the way to the window! It was a huge tarp (I think it was like 120 feet long or something). They had used it at youth group the night before, then threw it into Matt’s office. When Matt arrived, they took it out of his office and put it in mine. Matt caught incriminating evidence of Keith pulling the tarp. What he didn’t catch was Glen on the other side, his partner in crime.
After we took it out of my office, it lay in the hallway all day until at the end of the day it mysteriously ended up in Alex and Kyle’s office. Wonder how it got there?
Friday, my sister texted me with a spontaneous invite to join them downtown Davis as Steven went around trick-or-treating. I was delighted to see them again so went downtown, and admired my nephew in his very cute costume. I don’t care for spiders but he can make anything look cute.
He took quite a liking to a business that handed out breadsticks. He’s too young to eat all the candy. His parents sure made a killing though.
It was also the first time I heard him talk. He kept going, “Bike!”
It was very cool to see all the kids out and about trick-or-treating and to see the businesses participating. I also earlier took a picture of some green aliens I saw at Nugget. They had ghost ones too. Very creative and cute!
Today our family headed to Berkeley for a fencing tournament. This is the first offsite tournament our family has ever gone to, and the first tournament I have watched Daniel fence in like a year!
We got up way early (to me), ate breakfast (an unusual event), piled in the car and headed to Berkeley.
The place was not particularly organized, evidenced by the fact that it started 2 hours and 20 minutes late.  But Megan and I were prepared! We had brought stuff to work on. I even started knitting a scarf (because I am always cold). I haven’t knitted since high school! It’s looking a little lumpy…
Finally registration started (see the long line in the back). Here’s Daniel, all ready to go!
Daniel did a good job fencing but he had to face off a very experienced opponent so he got eliminated pretty quickly. I was quite impressed how much he has improved. He looks like a pro!
Megan was a poser. She took Daniel’s foil and amused herself bouncing it up and down on her toes. That kid is amazingly self-amusing. A little later she walked in circles around Albert when he lay on the ground. She used to do that when she was toddler. I guess some things never change.
Then it was Albert’s turn. He fenced epee and did a good job! Even better, he had fun and was relaxed and really enjoyed himself! He said it was nice our whole family was there because he felt a lot more relaxed.
Megan and I walked like a mile to find McDonalds for some food because everyone was starving. So we got our exercise too! By the time we got back, Albert was all done and it was time to go home!
Conked out in the car… guess I was a bit tired. But it was a great day with the family!

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