Red beaded shawl

Finished another shawl! It took forever but it’s finally done. This was my second shawl knit with beads in it.
This pattern was from Knit with Beads: Stunning Shawls & Wraps, by Scarlet Taylor. The pattern is called Fireside Shawl. The yarn is Artful Yarns Portrait, and I used 6/0 seed beads. Here’s Megan, showing the shawl for scale.
The shawl is actually very simple — just knit in every row, with a yarn over on either end to increase. It took forever just because it was so big.
I love the variegated color of the yarn. It’s a very beautiful reddish color.
The only downside is that because it’s got mohair, viscose and polyester in the yarn is that it has a little bit of a scratchiness to it, but this shawl would be perfect for wearing over a long-sleeve shirt.
Now onto the never-ending list of other projects!

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