Royal Kingdom Lobby and Throne


In my last post, I wrote about the set and stage design to create a castle for the Royal Kingdom summer camp theme.

Today we turn our attention to the lobby.

The UCC team did a great job transforming the lobby. This was the lobby.

photos from ucov smugmug

This is the entrance to the main hallway to the worship center.

photos from ucov smugmug

The hallway itself looked amazing, with Minecraft torches (purchased online), swoopy fabric, and LED lighting.

photos from ucov smugmug

The centerpiece of the lobby was an oversized throne.

They had asked me to design a centerpiece for the lobby. I found a throne on Google Sketchup Warehouse, and made it larger than life.

Since it was an ornate throne and I knew they had limited budget, I put it in really more like an inspiration piece, thinking that they would modify it according to what their capabilities were. But when I saw the photos, I was floored.

photos from Glen

It is amazing!

photos from Glen

The throne is almost 8 feet tall. It is made entirely of wood. You can see the scale in the photo below. (Faces blurred for privacy.)

I sent them dimensioned plans and they followed them almost exactly!

The church had a volunteer who is a woodworker, who made this entirely out of scrap lumber he had collected.

photos from Glen

He had previously made a bed but the client did not like the knobs, so he cut them off and saved them. They were perfect for the throne!

photos from Glen

The amount of detail and craftsmanship is amazing.

photos from Glen

Another volunteer looked at the design and used his computerized cutter to recreate the top of the throne.

photos from Glen

How I love it when people use their God-given gifts!


Event directors: Jake Lucero, Hannah Nielsen. Construction: Steve Haffly and construction team. Throne: Randy Stevens and Bill Krause. Photos and info: Glen Nielsen and Corrie Haffly and the Breakaway photo team. Set/stage design by Angela Yee (Throne from Google 3D warehouse by Max M.)

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