Creating a Thriving Service-Oriented Culture

Last week, I spoke at the Evangelical Covenant Church Midwinter Conference about volunteer mobilization. Here’s the video in its entirety. I go through a model of how to engage people in ministry using the Serving Readiness Spectrum.

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The Pie Eaters: When You Have Too Much To Do

My own life is a case in point for this video. I recorded this video three months ago and then life happened. After taking a doctorate class on organizational leadership plus everything else, I really did not have any time to work on this video… … a video on being too busy!

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The Empowerment Escalator

] Some of us have a tendency to want to call the shots (i.e. leaders!). So it can be kind of challenging sometimes knowing when we should empower our people to make decisions. And no one wants to be a Dictator or Dumper! Here’s a simple easy-to-remember tool to think through how you can empower […]

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Dictator to Dumper: A Leadership Spectrum

] This video explores the range when it comes to how much we try to control our people. I couldn’t help but make it a little fun with cute drawings and tongue-in-cheek flavor. For a team exercise, show this video to your team and discuss what each person’s style is. One way to process is […]

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Waterfall Delegation: Emptying Your Overfull Plate

Leaders always have too much to do! There are so  many aspects of delegation that could be addressed, but here is a simple way to think generally about how to maximize the levels of people under you as much as possible. I realize not everyone has someone to delegate to, and if this is your case, this […]

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What You Do Best: Discerning Where to Focus

Life gets busy, work becomes overloaded, and it can be challenging to know where to focus. This video talks about an exercise you can use to process all that you do that you can spend the future doing what you do best. After I reflected using this method, it began a long journey to discern what […]

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Happy Thriving Followers

Here are some thoughts about how to help the team you lead succeed. We look at some factors that lead to team member satisfaction. There’s a helpful tool that you can use as a team exercise too! Please “like” if you find it helpful! #2 – Leadership Strategy Sketchnotes: Happy Thriving Followers SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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