String Stage Design

March 17, 2014 – Our church was doing a series called The Justice Thread, so the stage design was made of string!

The series looked at the theme of justice and how it wound through the Bible from the beginning. I thought using string would be a good way to emphasize the “thread” theme.
This stage design was inspired by one I saw a while ago at The Father’s House in Vacaville. I didn’t know exactly how they put it together, but we made our own version.
First I drew up the idea in Illustrator. It looked very uninspiring but gave the dimensions that we could work with. Notice on the bottom the floor plan view that showed that the strings were in a “V” formation.
january stage
My brother-in-law Steve did such a great job with the waterfall set that we asked him to help us out again. He kindly agreed, and he and Glen cut down 2×4’s.
They used a plate thingy to hold the pieces together. I don’t know what it’s called, but it did a pretty good job holding the two pieces in a “v” formation. Then they spray painted the wood black.
They drilled holes and I cut cord into lengths that were a little taller than the ceiling. We threaded the cords through the holes. Here’s how it looked from the finished side.
Tying up the cords helped reduce tangling.
The v’s were mounted to the ceiling and the cord tightened at the bottom.
We used sandbags to hold them in place. We also put lights on the bottom shining up. It would have been nice to have strip lights but we didn’t have any so we just used what we had. I think they were PARs.
Here’s how the set looked before lighting.
The lights were two different colors, one on either side.
The ceiling was kind of ugly, but given the way our stage is constructed, there was nothing we could do about it. As it was, we barely got the v’s up there because our lift broke and Glen had to lean back dangerously on a tall ladder to drill holes in the ceiling. I was thankful we got those things up on the ceiling at all!
The lighting added a lot!
This view is slightly off to the angle and you can see how the “v” created a little bit of dimension. It’s not easy to see in photographs but in real life it worked a little better!

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  1. Carmen Lin January 17, 2015 Reply

    I had no memory of seeing this set at all.

  2. Corrie January 22, 2015 Reply

    I didn’t even know Steve helped you with a different set!! Haha!

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