Strips and lines stage design


It’s been a long time since I have done a stage design, and it was great fun to finally integrate one with LED lighting!

This past year, our church made a decision to unify all the stage designs at all campuses. That meant that our job became implementing a design that the central campus made. They have a mega amazing LED screen and a very wide and bright worship center. Ours is a small stage (in comparison) in a very dark room.
So I adapted the design into a very simple series of coroplast rectangles.

Here’s how the stage looked after the design was implemented.

Later in the year, we decided to build upon it. We were blessed to be able to get some Chauvet Epix strip fixtures.
I wanted a scattered look to add movement and variety across the static coroplast rectangles so drew up an idea.

This was the first time I used Revit to do the 3D model to get an idea of what it might look at. Unfortunately, I am not skilled enough in Revit to know how to make my own custom lighting fixtures and add colors to lights, so I just did this to see what it might look in 3D space without all the lighting effects.

Since Rob, our tech director, was doing the install when I wasn’t around, I drew up dimensions.

He did an amazing job and nailed the design!!!

We love that we can map the video effects to add animation to the lighting during our worship sets. The only caution is it is easy to go crazy and be distracting. But it certainly has a wow factor and we love them.

It was kind of a pain to install the software. Rob spent many hours trouble shooting and they’re still figuring out all the bugs. But I am super happy that this stage design can contribute to people’s worship experience!

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  1. Angela Yee October 20, 2017 Reply

    Hi Angela. Awesome work, with the strips and lines stage design. I
    love it. Just came across your site! You’ve really inspired me.
    Might I ask, did you project from behind or in front of the
    coroplasts? Also, are they hanging from a truss or standing off the
    ground? Do you think it would work well without the projector and just
    lights? I’m trying something similar for my church next week. I
    welcome any other advise you could give me.

    • Angela Yee October 20, 2017 Reply

      Thanks for the comments! The coroplast boards are lit from above and below, just in front. You can see the dots of the LED fixtures on the top edge of the curtain. They are also hanging from the pipe above. I am not sure what you mean about the projector. The projector is projecting onto the screens to the side… we don’t have any projection on the coroplast backdrop.
      Please let me know if you have more questions!

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