Summer Camp Drama


Although I have been involved in the production of various dramas, sketches, musicals and other creative elements, it’s usually been in a coordinator or producer role. This summer I got the chance to be the drama director of our children’s summer camp play, Superhero Central.

It’s always a struggle doing drama at our church because we don’t have an ongoing drama ministry. That means every year we have to recruit all-new cast. That leads to a lot of prayer that God will bring the right people!
Sure enough, he brought the perfect people. The lead was played by a collage student who “happened” to be in town and walked up to me one day saying she wanted to serve. Then a junior high boy signed up, and when his cousin heard, he signed up too, even though neither had had much experience. But they did an amazing job!

The villains were played by our youth pastors, Jeff and Johnny. They were hilarious!!!!! I think it’s kind of funny that both years, the villains have been played by our pastors. It’s a sign of how amazingly talented they are. And also how hammy our team is.
Johnny’s evil laugh was awesome!

photo by Angela Yee

And the action rescue scene was great!

photo by Angela Yee

It was really hard to find costumes, but I had to do some alterations…

  • a dance unitard with a logo fused on
  • a ninja costume with a logo fused on
  • a Black Widow costume with the extra pieces removed, plus a belt added
  • a Batman Nightwing costume with a logo sewed on top to hide the original one
  • and a letter fused onto a t-shirt. Jeff made up the rest of his costume. Ha ha, I just saw his purple socks!
photo by Angela Yee

The team did great. I was so proud of them and so thankful God brought all the right people needed. The construction team worked hard to get the set built and I appreciated the helpers with the costumes and props and and tech. It was truly a team effort.

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