Teaching and learning

Today was Attempt #2 to go down to the Bay Area, after my extraneous trip yesterday!
My day started out quite stressful, involving a missing video camera, missing blank video tapes, 3 minutes to run to my office and tech booth before service started, a cup of untouched chai latte calling out to me, and trying to fix a broken toilet (don’t ask).
However, it ended great. I went back to my old stomping grounds, Bridges Community Church, and taught the SHAPE (spiritual gifts) class. I used to teach the class regularly but I guess they hadn’t had it since I left three years ago. There is now a new director taking over who will be teaching the class but since she had never taken the class she asked me to go down and teach it so that the staff could get trained.
It was a total blast!!!!!! I totally love the people at this church. Great people with great hearts for God. I miss them! It was a super fun group too. People were very talkative. Best of all I got to reconnect with many dear friends, brief though the time was.
So in a previous post I said that my blogs will now focus less on what happened and more on what I learned. As a result of reading a book on leadership, I rethought how to best help people learn and adjusted the teaching of this class in hopes that people would learn better. Here is the blog that explains what I did.

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