Theater and theology


Since moving down to Southern California, I have not blogged too much other than design stuff. Part of this is because I was busy doing so many things!
Besides managing the household and freelancing as a graphic designer, I also was in three schools at once. I continued in my master’s-level interior design class at Academy of Art University, this time learning how to render interiors. That was fun! these were done with colored pencil and marker.

I also took a lighting design class at Fullerton College, the local community college. It was fun — I learned a lot!
Our first project was the main theater. There were tons of lights and an automated motor to bring them down for adjustment, at least over the stage.

Over the house, though, we had to climb up into the rafters. The little slit at the top of the picture is where the lights were located. That was not a lot of fun for someone who does like heights. Ahem. Me.
Fullerton College campus theater

The set designer teacher is an amazing designer. At the beginning of the show, the set looked very simple.
But during the show, pieces flew in and out, and the lighting changed the look, feel, and mood of every scene. I found it fascinating.
Jane Eyre, Campus Theater, Fullerton College

Next, we worked on the smaller theater-in-the-round, known as a black box theater. It’s basically an empty cube and you can set up the stage however you want — in the center, on the side, in the corner.
However, because it is smaller, the lights are up on the ceiling, which means that one must go on lifts and ladders. I was never brave enough to go up there, but I helped in other ways. My favorite was using the lighting board. At one time we had just about every lift and ladder out there!

I loved the set! They did such a great job with it!

This is a terrible picture, but here’s how it looked with the lighting. Lighting changes everything. It’s one of the reasons I love it so much! The theater had the set in the corner.

The third class I took was my seminary class at Rockbridge Seminary. After nine years, I will hopefully graduate this fall with a Masters of Divinity! Since I moved down, I have been thankful to be on a continual streak of attending classes. Nine years is just way too long, but there were a lot of breaks due to family and health. New Testament Survey, Church History 1, right now Old Testament Survey, and in two weeks I begin Christian Worldview class. Learning tons and enjoying it!
So that was my one — and only — semester where I have been in three schools at once. And now I am back to the world of employment and ministry. More on that later!

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  1. Glen Nielsen April 16, 2015 Reply

    I’m exhausted just reading about it! What a whirlwind!

  2. Carmen Lin April 28, 2015 Reply

    These things seem to have taken place many months ago. I’m glad they are over for you.

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