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I don’t know about you, but sometimes my daily devotional times of reading the Word are dry and stale. Recently I felt like my times reading the Bible had just become a mechanical task to check off my list. Ask me a few hours later what I read that morning and I would honestly have to say I had no clue. I confess there are times that Bible reading seems dry and dull. There are times that I soak up the Word and God speaks clearly but lately there has been a season of dryness. 🙁
When that happens, usually it means it is time for me to add a little creativity to the routine. So today I tried summarizing an Old Testament Chapter and New Testament Chapter. I thought I would add a little creativity by drawing out what I read in pictures.
I’m not really a cartoon drawer, but it was fun to look in the passage and look at overall themes and messages of the text, with the goal of being very simple and clear. This is what my notebook looked like when I was done:
I am looking forward to what God will teach me in the upcoming weeks as I hope to continue this method. My 12-year-old daughter gave me a primer on how to draw different emotions on faces. So being better equipped, I can now add more cartoon faces to my repertoire. Perhaps I will post my drawings once in a while…
I’m looking forward to opening up the Bible again tomorrow!

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  1. corriespondent August 19, 2009 Reply

    Have you seen Mike Rohde’s articles on “sketchnotes”? That’s pretty much what I do during sermons! I’ve been trying to do that during my quiet times, too — mostly with pretty lettering, but sometimes with pictures, too.

  2. Angela Yee August 19, 2009 Reply

    How funny! I never knew other people did it too. I looked up Mike Rohde and that’s very interesting. That’s how I used to take notes in college during lectures and even during sermons too! 🙂

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