Volunteer Appreciation: Ministry Appreciation Intro


At our Volunteer Appreciation Event, one of the opening elements of the program was an opportunity to acknowledge the different ministry teams.
This intro was played, and at the end I created a looping motion graphic of a torch. While the music continued to play, one of our pastors got on stage and announced the different teams and asked them to stand, then thanked them for their ministry. We had general categories like, “Weekend Service Teams,” “Student Ministries,” “Adult Ministries,” and so forth.

It was a huge joy for me to see these volunteers be appreciated for all that they do!

Production notes

Live video clips

    • I captured¬†footage during services using a Canon DSLR 5D Mark II.
    • I used Premiere to edit these short clips into longer clips.
    • After downloading an After Effects template, I imported the clips in.
    • I adjusted some of the text and graphics to fit our look and feel.

Torch template

    • Using an After Effects template, I added our name.
    • I adjusted the color gradient for the name because one of the letters was illegible. This was done by scaling up the color gradient so that the weird banding in the gradient was in the spacing between the two words, thus not being visible.

The torch graphic ended up looking like below.
Later I also made a looping motion background for song lyrics. This took a while for me to figure out what could be deleted from the template to create the background. Then I imported the short clip (only a few seconds) into Premiere, and duplicated and blended between the clips. This was brought into ProPresenter to loop and we could easily overlay text over it.

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