Volunteer Appreciation Night Overview: Olympic Theme


Usually I post about the event first and then about the specific details, but this time I went backwards. I’ve written a number of posts of all the different elements. Here is where it all comes together!

We held our first-ever all-church Volunteer Appreciation Night on June 2. This was a way for our staff to show appreciation for the volunteers of all the ministries.
The event was a dinner. We catered in Mexican food and my small group did an amazing job hand-making desserts. Our leader, Paula, recruited the ladies and they did tons of planning and baking. I was so bowled over!!! The dessert table looked amazing!
The desserts looked absolutely delicious. I’m so bummed I didn’t get a bite but they were sure good to look at!
They even handmade the cake pops. Thank you Paula, Susan and Grace!
We went with a gold color scheme, creating an Olympic torch and screen graphics, with matching gold tablecloths.
After some time eating, we kicked off the event with an intro video showing our pastor running around the world with a torch. He then ran in live to the cheering crowd and lit the torch on the stage.

Saddleback Irvine South Volunteer Appreciation Night – photo by Allen Siu 2016-06-02

The video segued into the “march of the ministries.” It was logistically too difficult to have the ministries march around, so we created a video montage of different ministries, and then one of our pastors got up and named individual ministries and asked them to stand. Such a thrilling moment to appreciate so many wonderful and faithful volunteers at our church!

We then went into a game of “Who Wants to Be a Volunteer?” which was a spoof of the game “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” complete with lighting and sound effects.

Next was an appreciation video that the staff put together. We used a sports theme to communicate our thanks.

Saddleback Irvine South Volunteer Appreciation Night – photo by Allen Siu 2016-06-02

We did a flashmob style dance, which was a surprise to the attendees. This dance was done to the song “You’re Beautiful,” and the lyrics were changed to express appreciation of their serving.

After that, I went up and spoke a word of appreciation and Scripture. Our lead pastor, Kevin, went up and gave a short message and cast a vision of inspiration for what God would be doing through them in the future.
Another one of our staff went up and acknowledged the volunteers and closed in prayer.
When people left, we passed out gold medals for everyone.

This event was so much fun! Everyone was so fired up — the volunteers, the staff, and even those who didn’t serve but tagged along for the event. One person said her husband, who was not serving, decided at the event to begin to volunteer.
Many thanks to the staff and volunteer teams for all of their work, especially assistant director Caroline who pulled off so many details!

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