Volunteer Appreciation: Olympic Torch Intro


Our Volunteer Appreciation Night had an Olympic theme, so our opening feature was a video of our pastor running through ridiculous places with the Olympic torch.

We went for totally cheesy. Our handheld torch didn’t arrive in time, so my colleague John Shin created a makeshift torch out of a paper towel roll, red and orange paper, and tape. I must say, given he made it on the spot, it was super creative!
Our green screen set up was also kind of¬†amateur. John had a green screen, which he brought in. I took out our photography lights because that was all we had. We lit the fabric with two lights, and then we lit the actors with 2 other lights. Since they were photography lights, it meant we could not dim them, so the video is a bit overexposed. I also had to steam all the wrinkles out of the fabric so they wouldn’t show on the video! Considering we didn’t have all the right equipment, it turned out pretty good.
First we shot John, who ad libbed his entire spiel.
Then we shot Kevin, who really hammed it up.
We went outside and did the on-location shots.
John did his amazing green screen work, which took a long time because the lighting was not totally even. He brought in all kinds of backgrounds and commentary. The audience loved it and it set off a great start to the evening!

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