Volunteer Appreciation: Torch Stage Design


Every Olympic event needs a torch, and our Volunteer Appreciation Night was no different! Here’s our adventure of making an Olympic-worthy torch for the stage.

At a previous church, we had created a torch. I recruited some volunteers (Jennifer and Eric) to make something similar at our church. They were not construction specialists, but had a lot of creativity. They came back with a torch structure.
I loved the creativity. Up close, you can see it was made out of cardboard, paper,  paint sticks, and tape. It was spray painted gold. Stage props are all about how good things look from the audience, not how good they look up close! Jennifer told me there was even a chopstick somewhere in there.
The frame looked bare on our big stage, so we borrowed the technique from the Christmas set originally inspired from churchstagedesignideas.com, where used plastic wrap to wrap the frame.
We put the bowl on top of the frame. It was somewhat precarious, but as long as no one touched it, it wasn’t going anywhere!
Then we put in a purchased 2′-high fake flame into the bowl on top. The was a unit with white silk shaped like a flame, a fan, and colored lights. When we turned it on, it looked so cool!
With our existing stage design, the torch had a nice backdrop. We put strip lights on the bottom to shine up the sides of the torch.
The lighting allowed us to change the look and feel of the torch.
The torch looked fantastic for the event!

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