Volunteer appreciation video – sports


Last night we had our first Irvine South All-Church Volunteer Appreciation Night! It was a blast — haven’t had this much over-the-top fun in ages!!!!! Over the days I will post various bits and pieces of this event for those are interested in events. There were many components and a huge one was video, as it was a highly video-driven event. It ended up being a full-on production!

One of the features was that we wanted to make a video of the staff expressing appreciation to everyone for serving. Since we were going with an Olympics theme (because the Olympics are this summer), I asked everyone to think of a sport that they could tie into why they appreciate their volunteers. Watch this video first before reading the rest (spoiler alert!).

It’s been a long time since I have done video. Between moving twice, it was hard to find all our video equipment! Then there was the issue of just about every battery we finding breaking. Then our boom mic stopped working. In the end I went with a lav mic (thank you, Amazon for quick delivery!) that went directly into my Canon 5D Mark II. Sound wasn’t the greatest but it got the job done!
We were also super blessed to have Jim Morton, who is a producer of a show on the Discovery Channel, join us. He arranged lighting and camera angles in ways I hadn’t thought of. There were parts where there were cables on the floor but we just went with it because it was part of the cheesiness of the whole video. We also used photography lights, which are a bit too bright, but Jim taught us, “Whatever it takes!” Just use what you have on hand.
When I had told people to think of a sport, I was amazed at how much effort went into it. Young got a pool noodles and two balls and wrapped them in duct tape to make weights! Genius!
Kevin pretended to be a sports figure who had just played a game. The staff were a little bit over-enthusiastic in dousing him with water.
Johnny and Yim were hilarious. Neither one knew what to say at first so I made some suggestions. In the moment of shooting, it was totally ad-libbed and perfect!
Everyone was so creative with how they tied the sport into appreciation. We had some volunteers help out as well. It was great fun as everyone watched and I loved how all the creative ideas came out. People played off of each other.
Our staff has tons of personality. (As you can imagine, jokes and random comments abound at our meetings.) It was fun to see different people’s approaches to what they said in the video!

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